Advantages In Using Immobilizer Car

Many people worked hard to get what he wants, for example have a dream vehicle, the newest, most expensive, most luxurious, fastest and so on. After sometimes have no concern with the lack of safety of the environment and the crime of robbery, car theft, which is quite scary in several major cities in the world.

The rapid advancement of information technology today, and the development of modern vehicle tracking devices like GPS have been shown to be more effective in reducing the potential for car theft and other related crimes, and also the use of key immobilizer.

Immobilizer car is a security system with a unique key, contact (car keys) planted the  unique microchip (different for each car) which is placed on the handle lock microchip which can send a signal to the car’s electrical system to start the engine. The immobilizer working step is to read the sign delivered on when the ignition key in the on position. The locks have been fitted with a microchip programmed in unison immobilizer ECU. The microchip planted in the head lock, where this microchip recognized ECU, then the ECU will send a sign of a car engine ignition, but if this microchip unrecognizable ECU, the ECU does not send a sign of ignition and car engine can not turn on.

Turning on cars that use immobilizer can only be done with the original key, if that is used is not the original key (duplicate) then the engine will not be able to live, because in the original key embedded microchip signal sender Starters machine, whereas if the automobile lovers to buy a car security system this will be given three original key to the backup (not just one key of course).

Excess anti-theft Immobilizer is because the machine can only be switched on with the original key, while the shortage of cars with the latest safety systems are priced immobilizer which reaches millions of rupiah, when all keys are lost, the replacement must be total starts keys – house key – the signal receiver – ECU.

Immobilizer different from where the alarm immobilizer does not emit sound or sound when the driver is not pressing unlock the original key, immobilizer works by disabling the car circuit and so can not live, while the alarm sounds.

Signs of cars with immobilizer

Cars that have immobilizer system can be seen from:

* The shape of the ignition key, the ignition key normally has a head / handle large as remote

* On the dashboard of the car contained a lamp that security sign symbol key, the lamp will illuminate when the driver pressing unlock the handle lock and unlock doors, security lights will be off when the ignition key is inserted and rotated to the original on the direction (clockwise).

For the latest cars are usually equipped with a Immobilizer, if there is a new output of cars that are not equipped with safety technology is very unfortunate

One of the security key that is used for anti-theft specialist car is immobilizer, this key can be used for all cars up to luxury cars.

If you stay one immobilizer key, hurry up in duplicate keys in immobilizer key experts around your neighborhood. Immobilizer if it is lost entirely, the key immobilizer can be made again, but will require more cost compared immobilizer duplicate keys only. To make the return key immobilizer takes longer than duplicate the key.

In the key generation immobilizer system is lost, sometimes in need connect / contact immediately to the car by expert immobilizer key.