Automobile Accident “To Do List”

Studies show that on average, in the United States alone there are around 5.5 million automobile accidents that occur yearly. This includes all major accidents, as well as minor fender benders. With this number being as large and profound as it is, knowing the correct thing(s) to do after an accident are crucial.

automobile-accidentThe most important thing to remember after an accident is to stay put! Do not ever leave the scene of an accident, weather major or minor. The next thing to do is to make the scene safe for all involved in the accident, as well as passerby’s. One thing you can do to help with this is to turn on your emergency lights, set up safety cones or keep a flashlight on while waiting for the proper authorities to arrive.

Next you will want to call the right authorities. Calling 911 will ensure the correct people get to the scene, weather that be police, fire or EMS. This is important for assessing any injuries and conducting a full report of the accident for all parties involved.

You will also want to take pictures if you have that ability at the time. It’s best to get every angle of all vehicles involved in the accident. This gives for the best detailed information should you need it in the future. Another good idea at this point is to exchange information with all drivers involved.

If you do not have an attorney, now is the time to start looking. You will want to do your research and find a reputable company such as, Siegfried & Jensen. A good attorney will guide you through the process and ensure all the details are covered. They will also ensure you get all the medical and financial assistance that may be needed after an accident. It is important to speak with your attorney before making an official report with your insurance company. They will help guide you through this.

Reporting the accident to your insurance company is your next step. You’ll want to make sure you have the police report with documented information of what occurred with the particular situation. They will inform you of what all will be covered under your insurance plan; whether that is automobile coverage alone, or medical coverage as well.

Having an accident can really make major changes for your future, but having the correct assistance and knowing what to do after you are involved in a wreck can truly help ease your burden.