Content Writing Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read These 6 Tips

Whilst there are people who relax by means of music, writing is a mode of feeling blissful for some. Even if you take up writing as a profession, you will agree that it is a very tranquilizing job if you get to write in your comfort zone. Haven’t we all tried to pen down our feelings on paper sometime in our lives? Let’s admit, we have. So if writing is such a relaxing experience, why do some content writers get fatigued by it? Well, the reason is that the one tries to put so much effort into writing that it becomes a task and not an activity. And, when work becomes a responsibility, enjoyment and learning ends.

Hence, the need to incorporate some tips to foster effortless content writing:

Talk to your readers: Do not try to be a wannabe intellectual, but allow the intellect to come to you cardinally. Write as if you were standing on a stage and your reader was sitting in the first row of your listeners. Try to gauge how their facial expressions will be after you say something, what they will feel. This is the best way of interacting with your readers.

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Track your success: You need to join the dots backward. That is, track your previously written topics and figure out the ones admired the most by your audience. This might be your style of writing. You can let painless writing come to you by writing on these topics.

Be simple: You might want to flaunt how grammatically savvy you are. However, this will just enhance your workload and not fetch you expected results. A normal reader would like to read simplified stuff and not baffled by the overuse of idiomatic expressions. Keep it simple and crisp.

Make pointers: This is a great tip to get ideas. There will be thoughts overpowering your mind. Pen them down and cross out the ones that are recurrent. Also, merge the notions that are alike. By the time you’ve done this, you will have selected pointers. Now the job is easy since you just have to elaborate on them.

Use active voice: As a reader, it is boring to read sentences framed in passive voice. While they are grammatically correct, sentences in passive voice seem uncanny. Difference between the order in the two:

Active: Subject-Verb-Object

Passive: Object-Verb-Subject

Get to the meat of it: This is an adage which implies that don’t beat around the bush, but talk directly about the intended notion. This will save your time and it is also engaging as readers usually gauge the entire write up basis the starting few paragraphs, sections or chapters.

Stay effortless, let your thoughts flow. Do not try to imitate anyone, but endorse your own style of writing!