Looking for a Van to be a Street Food Vendor?

The street food vendor trend is booming and it is noticeable over the past few years. The term has been searched for more than 80% between 2016 and 2016 and this evident from a survey conducted by United Nations which predicts that around 2.5 billion people are found eating food on streets every day. The food industry observers are of the view that street food van business is growing largely as compared to the slow growing economy. The employees at any office are quite overburdened by work and they get less time to eat their lunch that is the reason they walk to a street food van and grab what they would like to eat.

The food vans can carry a variety of food and in some situations it can let you carry high tech and sophisticated equipment to store and cook food. Traditional food trucks were known for providing lunches, typically stocking sandwiches, kebobs, tacos, burgers and other standard fare for the lunch crowd. Many have expanded to include healthier vegetarian and vegan offerings, as well as not-so-healthy barbeque ribs. They do big business in corporate parks and places that have limited access to restaurants. Most food vans are stocked from concessionaires, but there is a growing number that are associated with fast-food and midlevel restaurants. Sizzler and California Pizza Kitchen, for example, are putting together their own food trucks, as are other chains.

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Taking a look at the graphic below would help you learn:

  • The investment you need to get a street food van.
  • The pros and cons of setting up a food van.
  • How to convert your own van to a street food van.
  • Success stories from established street food van vendors.

Just view the graphic carefully to take your first step..